New Releases

Ever wonder what was on that tape? Remastered and released as ITFAIS-0008 19 years after the first recording, Anamorphic’s Scratch Plant features 4 tracks of drone recorded and mixed before and after the move to New York City. The source tape was edited and remastered in 24bit/192KHz high definition audio at the rebuilt Bass in Your Face studio in North Carolina.

The Muse party held at Bass in Your Face Studio in October 1997 featured 2 DJs.  E and DJ Drip (Ron Bailey [R.I.P.]) both played sets with E starting, then Ron, and E finishing.  The second part of E’s set became ITFAIS-0007 Remused.  The first part was never released but was remastered in January of 2015, 17 years after the original recordings.  Now our SoundCloud page features a playlist containing both of E’s Live PA sets played at Muse.

Found recorded over at the end of a DAT master tape with other material, this is a fragment of a practice tape. Nearly 40 minutes of mixing is captured before the tape ran out. Recorded in November of 1996, the material is hard techno similar to what is found on Stax’s first 20 minute set recorded for PURaves and part of the Stax 3×20 set.