Bass in Your Face Studio


Bass in Your Face Studio is the private production studio associated with ITFAIS Records.  Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of northwest North Carolina, the studio is used for mixing, mastering, and transcoding of material from various sources.

The studio is built around a Soundcraft Ghost LE 24×8 analog mixing board with Creation Audio Labs modifications connected to an Apogee Symphony MkII providing 16-tracks of simultaneous A/D and D/A at 24bits/192KHz.  Apple’s Logic Pro is used for digital audio workstation software.  Mastering is done direct to digital or to a Mara Machines / MCI JH-110C 1/2″ reel-to-reel tape machine.

Tracking and mixing are done “out of the box” and are usually mixed to analog tape at 15ips and can be encoded with Dolby-A or Dolby-SR noise reduction using Dolby-363 units upgraded by Jim Williams at Audio Upgrades.  Digital masters are encoded with the Burl B-2 Bomber A/D converter at 24bits/192KHz and then transcoded to final formats.

Gear list:

  • Soundcraft Ghost LE 24×8 with Creation Audio upgrades
Recording Equipment:
  • Apogee Symphony MkII with 16×16 analog and digital I/O to Apple Logic Pro
  • Mara Machines / MCI JH-110C 1/2″ Reel-to-Reel (optional Dolby A/SR via 2 Dolby 363’s)
  • Burl Audio B-2 Bomber Stereo A/D
  • Dangerous Music Convert-2 D/A
  • Apogee Rosetta 200 Stereo DAC
  • Tascam DA-78HR 8-track DTRS
  • Sony PCM-R500 DAT
  • Tascam 302 dual cassette
  • Genelec 8050B
  • Renkus Heinz CFX-151-8 (PA Speakers)
  • Neumann U87Ai
  • 2 x AKG C414XLS
  • Rode NTK
  • Blue Bottle
  • 2 x Sure SM-57
  • 2 x Sure SM-58
Mic Pre’s / Dynamics / Effects:
  • Neve Portico-II Master Buss Processor
  • 2 x Neve Portico 5033 Parametric EQ
  • 2 x Neve Portico 5015 Mic Pre / Compressor
  • 2 x Aphex 661 Expressor
  • 2 x DBX 1066 Compressor
  • Focusrite Green-4 Compressor
  • Eventide Eclipse Effects
  • Lexicon PCM-96 Effects
  • Lexicon PCM-81 Effects
  • Lexicon PCM-91 Reverberator
  • TC Electronic Fireworx Effects
  • 2 x Furman IT-Reference 15i power conditioner
  • 2 x Switchcraft 9625 patchbays
  • DACS Headlite-2 Headphone Amp
  • Magnum Dynalab MD-90 FM Analog Tuner